Keder Rail Accessories.


Accessories for the 17mm x 44mm No1 Alum profile (32046030).


end cap.jpgend cap side.jpg

End Caps

Part No: 32130544





1 Corner Bracket for 17x44.jpgCorner Bracket for 17x44.jpg



Corner Brackets

Part No: 50201





50005.jpg50005 with ali.jpg

11mm Flexible Joint, Top Fixing

Part No: 50005





50006.jpg50006 with ali.jpg

11mm Flexible Joint, Side Fixing

Part No: 50006





Joiner for No1alum.jpg

No1 alum with joiner1.jpg


12mm Joining Bar

Part No: 50004



32023001 Joiner No1alum 1.jpg

32023001 Joiner No1alum.jpg

Joining Bar

To go through centre slot

Part No: 32023001

To fix in place, use self tap screws in the side of rail or through the keder slot.

  keder slider with hook eye.jpg

                     Keder Slider with Hook Eye

                                Part No: 50032

                      Size: 10mm Diameter Head




10mm Slider with open hook.jpg

                    Keder Slider with Open Hook

                                Part No: 50013

                      Size: 10mm Diameter Head





slider with grub screw1.jpgslider with brub screw.jpg

Sliders with Grub Screw

                          Part No: 11313

 Size: 10mm Diameter Head



bullet slider.JPG



 Bullet Slider with Rivets

 Part No: 3521224121

 Size: 10mm Diameter Head

 Overall Length: 66mm



New Picture 2.jpg

  8mm Stayput Bullet Slider

  Part No: SP8SLIDER

  Center of the pin to the center of the slider is 30mm 
  Overall Length: 45mm

  Also Suitable for the No1PVC profile.




 Ceiling Fixing

 Part No: 50010

 Banner Wire Hanger for 1.5mm Wire, 2 Parts

 Rail Slider for Ceiling Fixing

 Part No: 50033

 Size: 10mm Diameter Head




wall bracket for banners.jpgwall bracket.JPG



Wall Bracket, Banner Wire Hanger

For 1.5mm Wire

                       Part No: 50169



pvc rail hander side.JPGpvc rail hanger front.JPG



PVC Rail Hanger

                            Part No: 50166



PVC Ring Slider for No1Alum & No1PVC

  Part No: 50425




New Picture 2.JPGNew Picture 1.JPG

11724 SIDE PROFILE.JPG11724.jpg

Aluminium Roller with PVC Keeper, 15mm

Part No: 11724

O/All Length: 62mm

Click It Type with Screw Security Fixing

Suitable for the following profiles:

32046030 (No1Alum)

 10215730 (No2Alum)

                                                10551730 (Big P)

     10105730 (Big h)

                                         10142130 (Single Bolt on)



1.5m WIRE CABLE WITH 6mm BAL.jpg 

1.5m x 1.5mm steel cable with 6mm steel ball at one end

                             Part No: 50283

Steel Cable available on 100m rolls without the 6mm ball on the end

                                       Part No: 50021



10mm ball grub screw.jpg  10mm Steel Ball with Grub Screw

   Part No: 50325

   To suit steel cable




Accessories for the No2 Alum profile.


No2lum with joiner1.jpgjoiner for No2alum.jpgJoining Bar

Part No: 50471





No2alum with pvc hanger.jpg

pvc rail hander side.JPG


                        PVC Rail Hanger

                          Part No: 50166






  End Cap for The 4 Way Pole Profile

  Part No: 50243

End Cap 50243.jpg